Find out the Cowboy Hats FAQ

What is a cowboy hat? A hat worn by Americans who herded cattle. The original cowboy hat was the one designed by John B. Stetson. It had a high crown, broad brim, head band and a sweat band with internal lining. Before this cowboys wore whatever type of hat they could get. Many were immigrants who wore the traditional head wear of their counties of origin.

What are the advantages of a cowboy hat? They keep the head warm and dry in winter and the rain and snow out of your eyes. In summer the broad brim shades the eyes from the sun. They also look cool and are good for having a snooze under.

Where can I find some good cowboy limericks?

There are a number fine cowboy type verses in Clean Limericks for all Occasions by William Clark.What kind of cowboy hat did John Wayne wear  in “Who Shot Liberty Valance”? The high crown hat looks like a “Boss of the Plains” hat  by Stetson. His hat size is said to have been 7 1/4 + 7 3/8

Where can I buy a cowboy hat? There are many hat stores that stock traditional cowboy hats in a great number of styles. AA Callister is well known. Amazon and Ebay sell them.

Who wears a Cowboy hat? American cattlemen still wear them but many US citizens like to have one for its practical benefits as well as style. It is also an icon of America recognized worldwide. Most kids have worn one for play.

Which cowboy hat should you wear? There are many different styles of cowboy hat: the Stetson, cattleman, Fedora, sombrero, and in materials like felt, straw, leather, and modern stuff.

Where to find a DIY method for cowboy hat veils? You can find instructions for making a bridal veil here for less than $25. 

How to Make Your Own Cardboard Cowboy Hat? You can find all you need to know about 

How to Make a Cowboy Hat with Paper? Use the above method for a paper cowboy hat.

How do you wear a cowboy hat? Setting your cowboy hat on your head at just the right angle can project your personality. Straight, angled or tilted way back, you’ll find some tips here: Try this link for instructions on making a cowboy hat How to clean a felt cowboy hat? A soft-bristle brush, a sponge and rough toweling are recommended for cleaning a cowboy hat.

Where can I get a cowboy hat? Most good hat stores or do a Google search for online purchase.

What Is an Australian Cowboy Hat? An Australian cowboy hat or “Outback hat” is shaped like a slouch hat with corks dangling around the brim on the end of 1- to 2-inch-long cords. Made from straw, canvas  or more expensive leather.

What kind of hat did Zorro wear? The hat that Zorro wore is called a “Spanish Gaucho Hat”.

What kind of hat did Indian Jones wear? This type is called a “Fedora”.

How can I make a fondant cowboy hat? A good tutorial to enable you to “eat your hat” can be found here: Where is the store where people can hang up their old cowboy hats? Jill Martin’s Ben’s Western Wear Store in Cotulla. Over 500 hats once belonging to working cowboys and prominent people can be seen with their stories. Plus a long poem by Dan Cadden hangs on display. Where can I see a picture of a cowboy hat carrying case?Is there a cowboy hat etiquette? This article can give you some info on how to behave when wearing a Stetson, Boss of the plains, Cattleman or any other typeof cowboy hat. 


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