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Felt Cowboy Hat

This blog is all about the felt cowboy hat – where it came from, how it is made, who wears them, how to wear them, how to clean them, storage, the different styles and where to buy them.

Anything and everything that you want to know about a felt cowboy hat you will find here. There is no other type of headgear on the planet as famous and distinctive as the cowboy’s favorite head covering.

Rounding up cattle was a tough business in the Old West and it spawned a strong breed of men and their redoubtable ladies. Together they fashioned a lifestyle and evolved a mode of dress that suited the climate and conditions they faced daily. Old photos from pioneering days show the “Boss of the Plains” hat, invented by John B. Stetson, battered and worn but proudly sported by hard bitten travellers.

This painting by C.M.Russell shows the cowboys with their “Boss of the Plains” felt hats roping a steer.

Efficient people find the best way of doing things and the tools to help them. The felt cowboy hat can be thought of as a working tool for the rancher enabling him to carry on his tasks in all weathers. It also looks really smart for dress occasions and the ladies have their own versions that enhance their health, good looks and charm. The success of the Stetson felt hat was due not just to its hard wearing practicality but also because it had style. If folks look good they feel good.

People all round the world learned about the cowboys of the American West through films and books. A distinctive dress, language and code of conduct brought this “knight of the plains” into the awareness of countless millions of fans. The black hat worn by the bad guy or the white hat by the good guy made identification easy in the day of the old black and white silent movies. Nowadays, you can also get a pink cowboy hat for those who like to look pretty or stand out in a crowd.

Hats of all sorts need looking after and the cowboy hat is no exception. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help your favorite headgear to last a long time and remain looking good. For travel purposes a hat can is a way of protecting your best dress hat.

This felt cowboy hat is celebrated and cherished by all those who love the Old West and its modern equivalent. It is a proud symbol of an able people who faced the toughest odds and survived to walk tall and ride high.

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